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Other Projects and Links

lynneharty_logoLynne Harty Photography

Photographer Lynne Harty has shot portraits of many of our artists, and we’ve worked with her on her stop-motion videos.

Crash Test DummiesCrash Test Dummies

We managed the Dummies for a couple of years and still sell their more recent CDs and t-shirts. Click to order!

Acoustic Syndicate, credit Lynne Harty

Acoustic Syndicate

We managed their most recent record release and still love to see them when they play around Asheville.

Okkyung Lee

We are happy to represent Okkyung Lee, a New York-based artist and South Korea native,¬†who’s created a body of work blurring genre boundaries through collaborations and compositions of contemporary cello performance techniques.

fb-lerman-cropped-300x252Stewart Lerman

We’ve represented Grammy-winning producer Stewart Lerman on many of his productions.

SteuartSmithSteuart Smith

We’ve helped Steuart in his work as guitarist and producer of The Eagles, Terri Clark and others.