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Other Projects and Links

lynneharty_logoLynne Harty Photography

Photographer Lynne Harty has shot portraits of many of our artists, and we’ve worked with her on her stop-motion videos.

Crash Test DummiesCrash Test Dummies

We managed the Dummies for a couple of years and still sell their more recent CDs and t-shirts. Click to order!

Acoustic Syndicate, credit Lynne Harty

Acoustic Syndicate

We managed their most recent record release and still love to see them when they play around Asheville.

fb-lerman-cropped-300x252Stewart Lerman

We’ve represented Grammy-winning producer Stewart Lerman on many of his productions.

SteuartSmithSteuart Smith

We’ve helped Steuart in his work as guitarist and producer of The Eagles, Terri Clark and others.